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Do You Need a Taxi? Call Booker’s Pet Taxi!

Do You Need a Taxi? Call Booker’s Pet Taxi!

Call Booker’s ‘Bark and Ride’ Pet Taxi!

Ring: 07914 838 031

Pet Taxi?  If you need your little furry friends taking anywhere just give me a call!  Indeed, for visits to the Vets, or a family event, we’d be happy to help.  We’re fully insured for transporting pets. 

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No More Livery!

We used the van pictured when we first started in 2010!  This was me with Maggie and Henry, my beloved, sadly missed Labradors.

We no longer use a liveried van as we offer a very discreet service.  We feel that a liveried vehicle jeopardises the wellbeing and security of the dogs we carry.  Dogs now travel in a non-commercial, domestic car with no livery, thereby ensuring the comfort and safety of our precious cargo, and the security of homes.  This is very important to us.  Due to this, we don’t advertise the car we use.  

Travelling in Comfort

We hope you allow your very special VIP to travel in comfort, in a properly accessorised car with climate control and a comfortable, secure boot where they can stretch out.  They will see where they’re going, perhaps with the wind in their hair on a warm day!  They watch the world go by in comfort – not in a dark van with no windows.

So, we can take them to a destination for you, or just collect them, or both.  We can even accompany them to their Vet appointment – we’re happy to hold their paw while they undergo treatment – no problem.

I am fully insured as a Pet Taxi.  However, my Pet Taxi insurance only covers me for carrying pets.  Therefore, unfortunately, I’m unable to transport people as I’d need a different insurance and People Carrier license.

The ‘Bark and Ride’ Pet Cab can be booked in advance or on an occasional basis – just give me a call and I’ll try to accommodate your needs.  Charges are as follows:    

Minimum Charge:    £10.00

£10.00 for the first 5 miles, and then £0.80 per mile (within the local area, based on time taken)

For extended excursions over great distances, an additional charge of £20 per hour will be incurred.

 (Accompanied Vet appointments will incur an additional charge @ £20.00 per hour)

Booker Pet Care's Van 2010
We no longer use the Booker Pet Care Van from 2010!
We decided many years ago that our Furry Friends deserved
more comfort, and also, we didn’t want to advertise our
precious cargo, or promote owner’s absence from home.
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