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What Do We Do – What Services Does Booker Pet Care Offer?

What Do We Do – What Services Does Booker Pet Care Offer?

What Do We Do? How Can We Help?  What Does Booker Pet Care Do?

What Do We Do? The Services we offer are described on their individual pages which hopefully you can access even from a mobile phone.  Services include, but are not limited to, the following:


What Do We Do?  As well!!

We also have a part-time interest in making jewellery, the results of which you can see in our ‘LindyLoo Jewellery‘ page!  This page has links to the individual areas featuring bracelets, necklaces, earrings, as well as jewellery for animal lovers which includes charm bracelets, keyrings.

Please refer to the individual pages for more information on each, including estimates of standard fees in detail .  

What Do We Do?We anticipate the needs of dogs based on our own experience as dog lovers, however, most dogs are individuals with specific needs.  Consequently, we offer a bespoke service to meet your furry friend’s requirements to ensure they are as happy as they can be.  With this in mind, your dog’s wellbeing is paramount, albeit in a dog training environment or whilst boarding with us.  In order to ensure their wellbeing, you tell us what you need, what you want and we will do our utmost to ensure you are entirely satisfied with our services. 

What Do We Do?  How We Charge?

Booker Pet Care, Home from Home Dog Boarding, Dog Walking, Pet and Cat Visiting, Pet TaxiMany owners will have ‘regular’ requirements for their dogs and as such there are ‘standard’ Dog Boarding charges, based on socialised dogs with no specialist requirements.  Nevertheless, additional, more specialist requirements may be accommodated, however may incur additional charges – please just discuss with us.

Additionally, I am happy to discuss any issues you have with your furry friends. Throughout my studies and experience I have learned a lot from the wonderful people and dogs I’ve worked with.  If I can help by providing advice to make your dog’s life a little easier, I would be more than happy.  While, advice about dog behaviour issues, is charged specifically.  I’m happy to talk things through with you.  Common issues may include:

  • Considering getting a dog but not sure what breed?
  • Confused by the vaccinations and vet advice?
  • Undecided about what to feed your dog?
  • Trying to find a licensed Home Boarder?

Anything else?

If we’ve overlooked something that you think we can help with, please let us know.  We will try our best to help you!!

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Please contact us either:

  • Directly by phone (07914 838 031 ),
  • Via the website through the Messenger Icon at the bottom of the page,
  • Email to: