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Dogs love a good walk, and we all know they don’t like to be on their own for long – after all, dogs are pack animals!  They’re sociable creatures, just like us.

Booker Pet Care, Dog Walking, Home from Home Dog Boarding, Pet and Cat Visiting, 'Bark and Ride' Pet TaxiAccording to the RSPCA, dogs shouldn’t be left alone for more than four hours at a time.  If you’re at work, or away for the day, or even just running late – we can call to let your dog out and spend a bit of time with them, play with them, feed them, change their water, or take them for a walk.  Whatever you need, just let us know!

When the weather’s bad, we won’t be leaving our muddy paw prints in your house either!  We towel dry the dogs, and wipe them down as necessary – and muddy boots will definitely stay at the door!

Booker Pet Care, Dog Walking, Home from Home Dog Boarding, Pet and Cat Visiting, 'Bark and Ride' Pet TaxiAs we are lucky enough to live in one of the loveliest areas in West Yorkshire near Church Fenton – we are surrounded by beautiful countryside, so the availability of lovely country walks is endless!

My insurance covers me to walk up to six dogs – as a standard policy, presumably based upon national Government guidelines, however I would never walk more than four dogs anyway.  Leeds City Council have  introduced rules limiting an individual to walk a maximum of four dogs which I fully support.  This regulation is designed to reduce the amount of dog fouling and improve control of dogs.  From a personal point of view, I think that walking four dogs is still quite a lot and would require the dogs to be very well-behaved for them to all be walked at the same time – not on an individual basis either – dogs in a group behave entirely differently to dogs on their own!  My personal preference is to walk a maximum of three so that I can ensure each dog has special, focused attention which I think is important, and something that we would like for our dogs.  It’s not just a dog walk!!  As the strap line says, ‘to love and care … when you can’t be there!’  How can an individual provide consistent care and attention when walking five or six dogs?!  It was an interesting ‘aside’ that those interviewed who were expressing opposition to the maximum of 4 dogs regulation were filmed with only two dogs!  I think the reality of seeing one person with six dogs would enhance to the viewer how inappropriate that situation is.

If you wish your dogs to have an ‘off the lead’ walk, this will depend on me being able to walk them in an environment in which I would feel they would be safe off the lead.  Initially though, I would wait until I feel your dog is entirely comfortable and has bonded with me to ensure appropriate recall.  A further consideration is the new regulations introduced by Leeds City Council which determine that in certain areas dogs are required to be on the lead, or are not admitted – areas such as children’s parks etc – but I feel this is common sense – I’m sure you’ll agree.

As part of our dog walking service, we provide a walk update: we will send you a Whatsapp message including a photo, noting when we collected your pet, with a further record of when we returned them home.  We will also provide a quick update of where we went on the walk and any ‘news’ such as who we met etc.  This will give you the peace of mind that your dog has definitely been walked – rather than you looking for an indication that the leads have moved(!!) – and you’ll know what we’ve been up to. 

Furthermore you will know that they have enjoyed a walk for the period booked – all times stated do not include pick up and drop off times – that way you know that your little friend hasn’t just been stuck in a car for most if not the entire time!

Booker Pet Care, Dog Walking, Home from Home Dog Boarding, Pet and Cat Visiting, 'Bark and Ride' Pet Taxi, Pet BoardingUnlike our cat visiting service, we would not provide the walking or visiting service for dogs when you are away for long periods eg on holiday.  Visits and walking cannot be offered in place of Boarding.  Some Pet Care providers do offer this service as ‘a cheap alternative to kennels’!  In our view, only irresponsible people – people who don’t genuinely care for your pet – would provide such a service.  Dogs – unlike cats – need to be in an environment with people – Dog Visiting and Dog Walking are not cheap alternatives to Boarding.

Also, just to note, we no longer operate a liveried van for dog walking, collection, pet visits etc as we offer a very discreet service.  We felt the existence of the van may jeopardise the wellbeing of the dogs and pets we walk and visit, and also would advertise that owners were not at home.  So we now drive a non-commercial, normal domestic car with no livery, therefore ensuring the safety and wellbeing of pets, and the security of homes.  We feel this is very important, and due to this security issue, we have not posted a photograph of the car we use on this website, or Facebook or Twitter pages.


Prices are normally as follows (based on distance from Biggin – walks from outer villages will be charged additional due to travel time and diesel):

25 minutes:  (From) £6.00        50 minutes:  (From) £10.00

A second dog from the same household would be charged an additional 50%.

Walks after 6.00 pm or before 8.00 am will be charged at an additional 50%.  Walks on Saturdays are charged at time and a half, and Sundays, and during statutory bank holidays eg Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day etc will be charged as double.

(Please note: walking times quoted exclude pick-up and drop-off therefore your dog would be away from your home for more than 25 or 50 minutes – but you know exactly how much exercise they’re getting!)

Give us a call – whether you need a ‘one off’ walk or a regular arrangement – we’ll look forward to hearing from you!

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