‘Home from Home’ Dog and Pet Boarding


Booker Pet Care, Home from Home Dog Boarding, Dog Walking, Pet and Cat Visiting, 'Bark and Ride' Pet Taxi, Pet BoardingWe are licensed and approved by Harrogate Borough Council (Lynn Booker: LN/199315669) so you know all will be well.  We have a large home with secure gardens where your dog can enjoy playtime just about all day if they like!  Your dog(s) would come and stay with us in our home, just like part of the family which ensures they get the dedicated love and attention they need.  You would provide their bed, food and bowls, and full details of their regular routine, which we will endeavour to duplicate while you’re away.  We have plenty of space, so they will live with us and our Labrador, Henry and Georgie, our Jack Russell.  Henry and Georgie are very sociable and happy and have been perfectly at ease with sharing their home with other dogs previously.  We can also provide a quiet, separate environment for your dog if they are recovering from a medical procedure or if they just need some personal space or ‘quiet time’.

Please note that we have been made aware that other providers of ‘home boarding’ may be limiting boarding dogs to one room of their house – which is technically ‘home boarding’ – but not in our eyes!  Also, others offer ‘home boarding’ where they actually send your dogs to someone else’s home!  Again, this is not what we consider to be the home boarding that we – or you – would like!!  As well as the homely environment, they will get the walks they need – we are a stone’s throw from beautiful countryside and gorgeous walks, so it’s easy!!

Also, if while you’re away you have access to email, we can send you regular updates with photos if you like – this can be reassuring in the case of worry, – but we don’t want to upset you!!!

How much it costs:

1 dog:  From £25 per day

2 dogs: From £40 per day

(Charges dependent upon care required, eg it is expected that your dog will sleep in his own bed in the evenings; it is expected that your dog will be able to be walked with our resident dogs, Henry and Georgie etc)

Booker Pet Care, Home from Home Dog Boarding, Pet and Cat Visiting, 'Bark and Ride' Pet Taxi, Pet BoardingPlease note that boarding during public holidays will be charged at double time per day eg Christmas Eve/Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve/Day etc – please refer to our terms and conditions.  (I appreciate that Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve and Easter Saturday are not public holidays persay, however, for our purposes, we treat them as such as obviously the dog boarding would take priority over any personal appointments or events).

On the day of collection, if you collect your dog between 8.00 am and 12.00 pm, there will be a reduced fee of £12.50 charge only for that day (to take into account the feeding and dog walk your dog will have enjoyed that day) – £17.50 in the case of two dogs.

We can accommodate up to three dogs from the same household at a time.  This is a preference for us as we already have dogs ourselves, but is also an official Pet Boarding Regulation with Harrogate Borough Council Licensing.  There are further conditions which apply – please refer to our ‘Terms and Conditions’.

Booker Pet Care, Home from Home Dog Boarding, Dog Walking, Pet and Cat Visiting, Pet Boarding, 'Bark and Ride' Pet Taxi We can also safely accommodate other pets in our home and these prices can be provided on request, dependent upon the type of pet, length of stay etc.

If you would be interested in your pet staying with us, we would invite you to come to meet us and our two dogs, and to view the property.  We wouldn’t expect you to leave your beloved pets in our care without being fully reassured about where they would be staying.  Give us a call to arrange a visit!!

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