Canine Behaviour

We all love our little furry friends but sometimes, they don’t behave quite how we would like, presenting us with issues such as jumping up, demanding behaviours, pulling on the lead, over-excitement, stealing, separation anxiety – all of which can become major problems in the home and make dog ownership a bit challenging and not as happy as it might otherwise be.

Dog behaviour is a passion of mine, one I’ve studied at length over several years, resulting in – along with the desire to continue studying and learning, a qualification which apparently proves I know things and demonstrates I am now a qualified Canine Behaviourist!! I even have a certificate to prove it from the British College of Canine Studies!

As I type this and view my own three fur-babies who are, by no means, perfectly behaved, I smile at my qualified status! There is always so much to learn and behaviour is so subjective!! I never wanted my dogs to be perfectly behaved – I love their personalities and ‘quirkiness’ but I just needed them to be safe and happy but we’ve had our own issues in the past!

Most issues I can confidently address and usually all it takes is a bit of guidance, a lot of love, and quite a lot of time and consistency of training and approach.

And we do it together! Without any lectures and judgement!

One of the most important things I have learned about dog behaviour and how dogs learn is that it isn’t intuitive to us mere humans – it’s not necessarily logical until you think about things in a different way. For example, if your dog won’t come back when he’s called so you have to go and get him, or wait for ages, when he does eventually come, you scolding him and telling him off simply demonstrates that, when he comes back to you he’s going to be scolded – they can’t make the connection between an action and a response unless it’s instantaneous.

So if there is a behaviour issue you have with your dog – and often we as dog owners are complicit in our problems with our furry friends – please give me a call and I’ll gladly help you!!

First of all, I would need to come to see you so we can discuss exactly what the problems are, when they occur and general behaviour. Then we can begin to put some actions in place which will hopefully address the issues you’re experiencing.Booker Pet Care, Wetherby, Dog Walking, Home from Home Pet and Dog Boarding, Pet Taxi

There are two levels of Behaviour Consultation dependent upon your individual needs:

Focussed Consultation: This lasts up to 1.5 hours and concentrates on the main issues that you are finding problematic. We will discuss the background and the specific problems and then begin to put some corrective behaviours into play straight away. This consultation is a ‘stand alone’ consultation and carries a fee of £60.00.

In-depth Consultation: This consultation lasts up to 2.5 hours so we can really go at it and set off on some corrective behaviour, and so that I can fully understand the family dynamics, behaviours, and where your dog or dogs sit within that – or think they sit within that! This initial consultation, which is usually quite a long session, carries a fee of £120 which includes follow-up telephone support for as long as you need regarding the behaviours we discuss.

Additional home visits would be a set fee of £60.00 each to discuss further issues or additional behaviour problems.

And just a point to note, I won’t support or be involved with any form of physical punishment ie hitting the dog, or using shock collars or prong collars, or even choke collars. So I’m afraid if this is the kind of accessory you would like support with, please don’t contact me as I do not in any way support such behaviour from people or in fact any cruelty or physical harm of our furry friends. For this, I don’t apologise.

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