The Services we offer are described here as best we can and include Dog Walking, ‘Home from Home’ Dog Boarding, Cat, Exotic Pet and Small Animal Home Visiting and Boarding, and a ‘Bark and Ride’ Pet Taxi. 

Booker Pet Care, Home from Home Dog Boarding, Dog Walking, pet and Cat visiting, 'Bark and Ride' Pet TaxiWe try to anticipate the needs of pets and their owners based on our own needs as dog and animal lovers -however, we find that most pets – like humans – are individual with specific needs and routines which we will respect and observe wherever possible.  We wish to offer a bespoke service to meet your little friend’s needs – just tell us what you want – what you need – and we will do our utmost to cater for you. 

If you have special circumstances such as a dog who cannot be walked with other dogs for example, we’ll offer a one to one service (additional charge will apply); if your dog has mobility problems and needs slow walks etc we can do this for you.  We’ve been there – the poorly pet who means the world, and the job which pays the bills with the unsympathetic boss!  Torn between the need to go to work (or that social occasion), and the extra care you want to provide your little friend – we can cater for all needs – we’ll do our best to provide what you need.

Booker Pet Care, Home from Home Dog Boarding, Dog Walking, Pet and Cat Visiting, Pet TaxiMany people will have ‘regular’ requirements and as such there are ‘standard’ Dog Boarding or Dog Walking charges, based on socialised dogs who live locally with no specialist requirements.  Likewise, charges relating to Cat Visiting for example, would be based on a cat who lives in Wetherby.  Travelling time may incur additional charges.  Just ask us! 

Anything else?

I think we’ve covered everything – all needs or likely requirements can generally be catered for by the services we provide – however, if there’s some other care we’ve overlooked, just let us know and provided it’s reasonable(!), sensible(!!) and , of course legal(!!!) – we’ll try our best!!

We’re looking forward to hearing from you and being able to help.  Please contact us either directly by phone (07914 838 031 ), through the website via the Contact Form, or via email to:

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