Photo Gallery

Hello there!

Please have a look at these pictures!  We’ve had some real fun with our dogs, and the friends of our dogs!

Maggie and Henry are our babies!  It’s funny, I used to scoff at people like me who treated their dogs as part of the family – spoilt wrotten – but I am definitely that person!!  We have a full Gallery of pictures of them as you’ll see – I have tried to cut the number of pictures down so I don’t bore you – but our doggies are just so wonderful!  So wonderful in fact that I had to put them on my website, on my van and leaflets!  They are with me all the time!

You have to look at the ‘Misbehaving’ pictures, where you’ll see proof that Maggie is possibly the world’s most mischevious doggy!  My personal favourite is Maggie enjoying a New Year’s party in her own way!  Maggie helping herself to tea – on the table at our very good friends’ house!  I remember at the time my friend shrieking and running into the house – I thought ‘oh no’, not realising that she’d actually gone to get her camera!!

Maggie’s teeth have left their own individual signature in much of our furniture in the house!  I’ve lost a number of pairs of shoes and socks – for some reason, Maggie prefers to eat my things rather than anyone else’s!  I choose to believe that this is some kind of honour!!

Henry isn’t without sin, it has to be said!  He’s learned from the master!  His particular favourites are newspapers and magazines – and anything that Maggie happens to have at the time!  He also likes socks and my husbands slippers!

We are very fortunate to have many dog friendly friends, friends who have dogs, and dogs who are friends!  We also have many friends and relatives with different pets – you can see all of these in the ‘Maggie and Henry’s Friends’ Gallery.

And then there’s my van!  My wonderful, wonderful van!!  I love it!  Just have a look!  My husband was slightly concerned about the ‘pink’ detail in the van, but it’s just a bit of fun!!  Look out for us!! 

Enjoy! – Your comments about the photos would be more than welcome!

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