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Pet Related Information – Something You Didn’t Know?

Pet Related Information – Something You Didn’t Know?

Interesting Facts:

Pet-Related Interesting Information. Please refer to the individual titles below:

  • How Old Is Your Dog – Experts now dispute this method of aging a dog in favour of a more considered ‘levels of maturity’ basis. Nevertheless, let’s keep it simple!!
  • How Old Is Your Cat – as with the dog age table, this provides an estimate of maturity. We can then provide age specific care, particularly with regard to health and nutrition
  • Animal Welfare Act – often quoted in Law, this Act ensures all animals in the care of humans are appropriately cared for
  • 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act – heard about most often in the press when there’s been a tragedy. Often publicly quoted and debated when someone has fallen foul of a ‘dangerous dog’. Is there such a thing as a specific ‘dangerous dog breed’? It’s helpful to know what it’s all about, particularly for those of us who have breeds resembling the banned breeds
  • What Does a Dog Warden Do? – not just about picking up stray dogs