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Premium Dog Food Stockist – When Only The Best Will Do!

Premium Dog Food Stockist – When Only The Best Will Do!

Cottage Pie (6 x 400g)

Natural Instinct Dog Food:

We stock Natural Instinct and Lily’s Kitchen Dog Food – two of the best dog foods you can possibly buy. Both with super ingredients and no artificial colours and preservatives. Easily identifiable ingredients.

We’ve fed our younger Labradors on Natural |Instinct since they came to us at 8 weeks. Our older Labradors were fed on Natural Instinct for the majority of their lives.

Our Jack Russell, Georgie, used to be fed Natural Instinct, but due to a health issue requiring emergency surgery, lost 2/3 of her intestine. Now her immune system is compromised so sadly she can no longer eat the raw diet. However, she does try to clean everyone’s bowl at dinner time!

Please look at the pages here for information on how to order from me and what it’s all about.

What Goes Into Dog Food?

Did you know that Pet Food Manufacturers are under no obligation to ensure pet food is actually good for our pets? And that there are no regulations governing how much salt or sugar etc is included? Or that some dog food includes an ingredient that is associated with de-icer – just so the tin is clean when you empty the dog food out? No? Read on …

I have completed a Diploma in Canine Health and Nutrition which was in every way an education! Pet Food and the associated regulation etc is a particular interest of mine.

The Impact of Poor Nutrition

If a dog has poor nutrition, their body functions become tired, weak and strained.  Pups can’t grow properly, and their overall development will be negatively impacted.  The dog’s immunity is affected, and they can’t fight off disease or illness effectively. Also, their bones etc are adversely affected.  The production of sperm and ova is affected so the dogs may not be able to reproduce. Nursing mothers may not be able to supply sufficient or appropriately nutritious milk. 

Food also impacts on behaviour as the gut is involved in the breaking down of the food, as a function.  The gut is a body’s second ‘brain’ with all body activities being affected. The dog’s overall wellbeing and behaviour is governed by the body’s health baseline.


Older Dogs:

As a dog gets older, their dietary needs change.  The older, slower, less energetic dog will put on weight if amounts are not reduced. If they are fed the same amount of food from when they were young and active.  Older dogs need fewer calories, protein and fat and more fibre.  Age related illnesses and health issues may determine certain foods are required. Indeed research is currently underway into the use of a vegetarian diet for senior dogs suffering with Cancer. Jean Dodds’ research is having very positive results.


Puppies need twice the energy intake of an adult dog until they reach adult hood. Once the puppy reaches the adult stage, at around 2 years of age (dependent upon breed), they need more of a ‘maintenance’ amount. Thus ensuring they get sufficient calories, vitamins, minerals etc to maintain a healthy body and energy levels without putting on weight.



Once a dog is neutered, it is important to keep a close eye on their weight as they can gain weight.

Health Issues:

Some illnesses or medical problems may cause a change to a dog’s diet eg our Jack Russell had a twisted bowel and 2/3 of her intestine had to be removed.  As a result, she can no longer eat raw food.  She then suffered pancreatitis and had to be put on a very low fat diet to help the pancreas recover. 

Nutrition for your dog is crucial. It shouldn’t just be about convenience – just shoving some dry junk into a bowl and expecting the dog to thrive. Your dog’s health is worth the investment! Please read on!

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