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What do I know about looking after dogs? My Qualifications

What do I know about looking after dogs? My Qualifications

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  • Ofqual Regulated Level 3 Qualification: Professional Day Care and Boarding
  • Ofqual Regulated Level 3 Qualification: Canine Care, Behaviour and Welfare, and Home Boarding, Dog Business School
  • Level 4: Advanced Behaviour Diploma: The British School of Canine Studies, July 2016
  • Diploma in Canine Health and Nutrition: The British School of Canine Studies, October 2018
  • Diploma in Dog Behaviour: The British School of Canine Studies, August 2014
  • Responsible Dog Ownership Course, The British School of Canine Studies, March 2022
  • Canine Reactivity Specialist, March 2022, Dog Training College, March 2022
  • Certificate in Holistic Health: The British School of Canine Studies, October 2018
  • Certificate for Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business Course: National Associates of Registered Pet Sitters, December 2011
  • Animal First Aid: The New Curiosity Shop, March 2011
  • Pet Home Sitting and Dog Walking Skills: Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training, September 2011
  • Canine Body Language Workshop: Dog Training College
  • The Exercises: Foundations to Advanced, Institute of Modern Dog Trainers
  • Responsible Dog Ownership, British College of Canine Studies
  • What is Health? June 2018
  • Hormones – A Look at Recent Advances, April 2018
  • Advances in Cancer Therapy in Animals and Humans, July 2017
  • The Sun, the Moon and the Stars, Their Influence on Health and Wellbeing, June 2017
  • Raw Food Feeding for Dogs, April 2017
  • Introduction to Homeopathy – What is the evidence?  March 2017
  • Medical Thermography: Its uses as a Powerful Diagnostic Tool, February 2017
  • Evidence Based Medicine – The Idea and the Reality, January 2017
  • ‘All About Arthritis’, July 2012
  • ‘All About the Liver’, August 2012
  • ‘Horrendous Hormones’, May 2013
  • ‘All About the Nervous System’, July 2013
  • ‘Seeing Is Believing’, August 2013
  • ‘Breath of Fresh Air’, September 2013
  • ‘First Aid’, October 2013
  • ‘What’s Your Poison?’ December 2013
  • ‘Hear All About It’, February 2014
  • ‘Integrative Veterinary Care of Cancer in Animals (Full Day Seminar), March 2014
  • ‘All about Skin’, April 2014
  • ‘Update on Canine Reproduction’, July 2014
  • ‘The Human/Animal Relationship’, August 2014,
  • ‘Natural Feeding for Dogs and Cats’, December 2014
  • Certificate of Attendance: Career as a Dog Trainer: The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, August 2018
  • Certificate of Attendance: Dog Law: What Every Responsible Owner Needs to Know, January 2015
  • Statement of Accomplishment: Animal Behaviour and Welfare: The University of Edinburgh, September 2014
  • Statement of Accomplishment: EDIVET: Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Veterinarian: The University of Edinburgh, March 2015

I continue to read and research into dog care and behaviour, these are my most recent purchases:

  • Easy Peasy Puppy Squeasy, Mann S, 2019, Blink Publishing
  • Help! My Dog Doesn’t Travel Well In the Car:  Solving motion sickness and other travelling issues, Shelbourne, T, Bush, K, 2016 Kindle Edition
  • Fearful Dog Rehabilitation: Life With a Puppy Farm Rescue , 2018, Gutteridge, S and Smith, D  Kindle Edition
  • Canine Play Behavior: The Science of Dogs at Play , 2014, Käufer, Mechtild
  • 101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Dog , 2007, Sundance, Kyra
  • Essential Oils For Dogs: 40 Safe & Effective Therapies And Remedies To Keep Your Dog Healthy From Puppy To Adult (Essential Oils For Pets, Essential O, 2015, Ross, Miranda
  • Dog Professional’s Survival Guide , 2018, Gutteridge, Sally
  • Wolters Richard A. : Labrador Retriever (Hbk) , 1992
  • Behavior Problems in Dogs , 2010, Campbell, W E

The following courses are on-going:

  • The School of Canine Science:  30 Days of Canine Science
  • Pedicure Please, Susan Garrett Masterclass

I subscribe to various on-going Dog Training Colleges and Trainers, including Dog Training College and Susan Garrett’s ‘Say Yes’ Masterclass

So, as you can see, it’s more than just a job! Dogs are very much a part of my everyday life, it really isn’t just a job!

  • HNC Business and Finance: Distinction
  • BA (Hons) Business and Management: Distinction
  • MSc Leadership and Management: Merit
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