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How Old Is Your Cat?

How Old Is Your Cat?

How Old Is Your Cat?

How old is your cat? It’s useful to understand a cat’s true age in terms of human ages in order to better understand behaviour and to better provide for their needs. Their diet changes from one life stage to another. Behaviour changes, and other needs may change as the cat grows up and then grows older.


Cats Age Conversion Chart

Age – Cat YearsLife StageHuman Years Equivalent
1 monthKitten1 year
3 months4 years
6 months10 years
1 YearJunior10 – 24 years
2 YearsAdult24
3 Years28
4 Years32
5 Years36
6 Years40
7 YearsMature44
8 Years48
9 Years52
10 Years56
11 Years60
12 Years64
13 Years68
14 Years72
15 YearsGeriatric76
16 Years80
17 years84
18 Years88
19 Years92
20 Years96

The oldest reported cat lived to 38 years and 3 days: called Creme Puff, lived in Austin, Texas, USA

Adapted from:  http://cats.about.com/cs/healthissues/a/agechart.htm

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