Once we decided to set up ‘Booker Pet Care’ , this marked the pursuance of a dream. 

Booker Pet Care, Wetherby, Home from Home Dog Boarding, Pet Boarding, Pet and Cat Visiting, 'Bark and Ride' Pet TaxiI used to work in the ‘big wide world’, I managed people, looked after a budget, worked long hours, raced to work, raced home again – all the ‘joys’ associated with a senior management position. The problem was I wasn’t enjoying it.  Furthermore, we were actually employing someone to do what I really wanted to do – look after my dogs.  This all seemed entirely backwards, not making any sense at all, so when we had the opportunity to do this, we grabbed it with both hands!

Due to the space we have in our home, we have boarded many dogs in the past, dogs staying with us while their owners were on holiday – different breeds of dogs, differing periods, with varying degrees of health – including blind, very old and one dog who had just had an operation and therefore needed careful attention and consideration. 

Booker Pet Care, Wetherby, Home from Home Dog Boarding, Pet Boarding, Pet and Cat Visiting, 'Bark and Ride' Pet TaxiAll the dogs we looked after became part of our family for a short time.  They arrived a little anxious and left calm and relaxed, having been loved and cared for throughout their stay.  No cages and kennels here.  Lots of lovely country walks – lots of love and care.  We did this because we love dogs – indeed our dogs are extremely important to us.  This also helped the person who was walking our dogs at the time as they had inadequate space.  Although we never met any of the owners of the dogs we looked after, all dogs left our care extremely happy, relaxed and with a clean bill of health.

I hope to include on this website a diary style section, describing some of the instances and events I experience with the wonderful dogs I am lucky enough to look after.  This will provide me with a diary of memories, provide the owners with a little insight into their dog’s stay with me – and will provide anyone thinking about putting their dog in my care with a little excerpt of what they can expect based on what other dogs have done or enjoyed with us!

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