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Testimonials: I have always felt uncomfortable asking people for them, even though I have been running Booker Pet Care since 2010. If I had, with every dog that we’ve cared for, each Cat, Guinea Pig or Rabbit that I visited over the years, I’ve been very busy and this page would go on forever!

I’ve organised the Testimonials by date so you know what are fairly recent and what are very old.  I have the permission of each individual to display them:

September 2021:

Claire from Boston Spa, said: “We have known Lynn for 9 years and in that time she has become a family friend and our dogs second Mummy ?. We have used Lynn for boarding and dog walking over the years, and she is excellent on both fronts. Lynn has this way with animals, she’s compassionate, kind, and caring and will always go the extra mile to make sure our dogs are happy. We have a nervous dog, so were slightly concerned when she went to stay with Lynn for the first time. There was a meet beforehand, which made us feel at ease seeing how relaxed our dog was in Lynn’s home and with her own family.”

“I should also mention that Lynn is a stockist of Natural Instinct, raw dog food which uses human grade meat and nutritious vegetables.  Our dogs have thrived on this over the years and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.”

August 2021:

Molly from Leeds, said: ‘Booker Pet Care has been just what we were looking for and more! We had been searching for somewhere for Perrin, ourGeorgie, Maverick and Cookie five year old Golden Mountain Dog, to stay to enable us to go abroad on holiday. We had not left Perrin anywhere before so we were a little nervous. However from the moment we first made contact with Lynn and Jezz they have been incredible. Lynn made sure she got to know everything about Perrin and introduced him seamlessly to her own dogs. Whilst we were away Lynn kept us up to date with how Perrin was doing, he became “one of the pack” and we love how much they love him :-).”

“Perrin has stayed with Lynn and Jezz (and their amazing dogs) on two occasions now and we definitely will not be taking him anywhere else.”

July 2021:

Amy from Boston Spa, said: “Booker Pet Care is a home away from home for our dog Barney. He loves his mini-breaks to Lynn’s, so much so that when we bump into her on our dog walks locally he can barely tear himself away! Lynn and Jezz are wonderful and always keep us up to date with pictures and texts whilst Barney stays, mostly of him cuddling them after he’s had endless fun on walks and playing with their gorgeous dogs. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lynn to anyone who asks.”

James from Green Hammerton said:  “My wife and I engaged Lynn’s services to help deal with a particularly difficult problem. Having lost our twoMaverick German Shepherds within a few months of each other, we agreed to foster two others a few weeks later. They were rescued from a kill shelter in Romania and arrived in the UK with no history. When they came to us they were lacking in all departments, particularly lead training. I was nursing a hand injury and needed someone to help quickly settle the dogs down so that my wife and I could exercise them without risk of further injury. Within a matter of days Lynn had the dogs settled and my wife and I were able to move forward with them and work on improving their other behavioural problems. A few weeks later we decided to adopt the pair and give them a home they richly deserve.”

“Lynn’s calm approach and impressive knowledge of dog behaviour quickly brought out the true nature of our two beautiful companions.”

Venetia from Boston Spa, said: “Lynn has looked after my rabbits for many years when I have been on holidays and she cared for them so fantastically well,  so when I decided to get two dogs I knew Lynn was the only person I could trust to not only be a keyholder but to look after my two boys as if they were her own , she has never once let me down always turning up on time and the boys absolutely love her and cant wait to go out for their daily walks , so it’s gives me great peace of mind when I’m out at work that they are in safe hands, I really cant recommend Lynn highly enough, she is a superstar!”

Barby from Armley said: “Bailey, my chocolate Lab, age 13, came to live with me recently after my Brother passed away.  I thought all my holidays were over as I couldn’t bear to put him into kennels.” 

“Then Booker Pet Care popped up on my search. Finding Lynn was the answer to my prayers.  This place is first class home from home boarding.” 

“Bailey goes regular and is part of the gang with Lynn and Jez’s own dogs, (Henry, Georgie, Cookie and Mav)….and I feel they treat him like one of their own.” 

“I get updates on how he is and I can rest knowing he is well looked after, plenty of space to roam around, and secure behind the electric gates. You would look a long way to find a place like this and with such caring, kind people.”

Booker Pet CareJeff from Bramham said: “We have used Lynn’s services for almost a decade. She is excellent with our dogs and they are always delighted to see her, even when we are working from home! Lynn has proved to be without doubt the best and most reliable dog walker that we have ever used.  Lynn genuinely loves the animals in her care and that comes across in spades.. rain or shine! Thank you Lynn.  ?

David from Wetherby, said:  “Our two Labradors ( Harry &Teddy) have been boarding with Bookers for the last 10 years. When they are collected they jump into the back of Lynn’s car giddy with excitement because they are going on their own little holiday with their pals. Lynn and Jez look after the dogs brilliantly and treat them as if they were their own dogs.”

Brenda from Boston Spa, said: “Lynn was extremely helpful to us when we took on Belle, a rehomed young Labrador bitch, later last year.  Belle was from a broken relationship & although she was in good shape physically she was clearly very stressed and would not bond at all with my husband.  This was very stressful for us as we are experienced dog owners, having had Labradors over many years. She would bark at him constantly and run away, refusing to come back into the house  One day I contacted Lynn feeling desperate.  She visited us & observed this behaviour herself.  She gave us good advice and also suggestions about play, leaving us with some games to try out. As Belle was a strong lead puller and I was struggling to walk her Lynn then walked Belle regularly with another dog.  Six months later she is now a very sociable dog, loves long walks with our daughter and although she still barks at my husband it is now in a playful way and without fear.  Lynn had commented that Belle seemed very hormonal and she has now been spayed which has certainly calmed her down too.  I would recommend Lynn to anyone who is struggling to cope with their pet. She is also an experienced dog owner herself. 

Helen from Sherburn-in-Elmet, said: “KellyLynn from Booker Pet Care has been absolutely brilliant with our large, reactive dog. She was very patient in gradually getting to know the dog to build up trust, and we have found Lynn to be professional, communicative, and sensitive to our particular needs. We also appreciate the convenience of being able to order our dog’s raw food from her. It can be very difficult to find someone to entrust the family furry with, but we would wholeheartedly recommend Lynn.”

April 2016:

Fiona from Wetherby, said:  “We found it very hard to find someone reliable to feed our cat and weren’t keen on leaving him in a cattery.  As a consequence we were becoming reluctant to go on holiday.  As such we are delighted to have found Lynn who we have been using for about a year.  Lynn is very conscientious and dependable.  She even does a good job managing the owners who probably get more anxious about leaving the cat than the cat gets about being left!!!  We hope to have many more holidays going forward!”

December 2015:

Jackie from Boston Spa, said:  “Please add to your testimonials my grateful thanks for caring, efficient and reliable and friendly service we have experienced on several occasions.    Wishing you a very happy Christmas and a successful New Year!”Maggie

Sylvia from Wetherby, Said: “Started using Lynn at Booker Pet Care earlier this year for our cocker spaniel Bella.  Have just returned from holiday and Bella has had a great time at Lynn’s again. Plenty of walks – which she sometimes likes (she does like to sleep)  – and a special place on the sofa to watch TV later in the day.  Couldn’t ask for more really it’s a great relief to know that ‘madam’ is having her little holiday at the same time as we are.”

“Love the email messages and accompanying photos to keep us up to date with how Bella is doing and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Booker Pet Care to anyone looking for top rate pet care.  Would never use kennels now that I know such first class care is out there.”

Jodie from Wetherby, said: “I used to take my two rabbits to boarding kennels but they never liked the car journey and always seemed unsettled when they got back. So I thought I would try Lynn to check on the rabbits daily and it turned out to be an excellent decision. Her attention to detail is great and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone.”

November 2015:

Claire from Thorp Arch, said:  “Lynn has been walking our 3 year old Labrador since he was a puppy. Lynn is affectionately known to Henry as ‘Auntie Lynn’. He quite simply loves her and I believe it is mutual.”

“Lynn is trustworthy and honest, she arrives when she says she will and will leave notes letting me know who Henry has been walking with and what adventures and mischief they got up to. “

“Kennels has never been an option for us, so on occasions Henry has stayed with the Bookers. Lynn will message us to let us know how he is getting on – usually curled up on the sofa with Lynn. He loves it!”

Katie from Leeds, said: “I was so relieved to find Lynn!  My little furball (Pebbles, Shih Tzu pup) is like another child to me (first dog and yes she is spoiled!) so when I met Lynn I was instantly relieved and comforted to know that I could go away without worrying about her.  I had visited kennels and other people that boarded pets in their home but never left confident that Pebbles would get the care I wanted for her.”

“Lynn asked about feeding, times of meals, sleeping arrangements, duration and frequency of walks….everything was covered down to if she was allowed on the sofa for cuddles! I get daily emails with photos and news of what they have been up to which I (and the children) look forward to and they always make us smile.”

Georgie and Henry“Lynn’s dogs Maggie, Henry and Georgie are great companions and my only fear is that Pebbles is bored when she comes home and has to leave her new furry friends.”

“I am now booking future holidays around Lynn’s availability as I have to have peace of mind that Pebbles is well cared for in my absence and I have that with Lynn.  I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is looking for a loving home from home while they are away.”

GeorgieYvonne from Wetherby, said:  ” Lynn has been looking after our cat, Katie, every time we have been away for the last few years.  She comes in once a day and spends time cuddling Katie and changing her food and water dishes. She always cleans up and takes the time to leave me a diary of how Katie has been each day!  When we come back, Katie is always relaxed and happy.  It is certainly a much better alternative to the stress of putting her in a cattery – and we have the added advantage that someone we can trust is checking our house every day!  Lynn is clearly an animal lover and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services”

Lynne from Collingham wrote:  “We have recently come back from a 17 day trip to the USA and as our cat is 16 she would not deal with being put in a cattery. Lynne has looked after her for a few days before and I knew I could go to the states and be sure our cat would be well looked after.  …As she was lynn came twice a day to feed her but not only that gave her time and affection. She also left me a day by day note on everything she had done and how maggie had been every day. It makes lovely reading.”

“I will always ask Lynn to look after her when needed. She offers a wonderful service not just for cat owners but dog walking and boarding plus looking after exotic animals . I know she treats every animal as though it is her own”

Keith and Justine from Bedale wrote:  “We have been sending our dogs to Lynn at Booker Pet Care for the last few years.  They clearly love their stay with Lynn and come back to us the happiest and most relaxed dogs you could imagine.”

“My wife has said she will not go on holiday if Lynn is not available! I am 100% certain that she means it too.  It is just such a good feeling knowingJock that our dogs are being so well looked after and in a warm and friendly family environment, rather than a kennel.”

“Lynn sends us emails and pictures every day while we are away, and it makes us really happy to know that they are safe and equally happy.”

“Thank you so much for looking after them for us and we are looking forward to bringing them to you for our next holiday in March.”

Hannah from Wetherby wrote:  “Lynn has looked after our 2 year old Labrador, Lottie since we got her at 8 weeks old. Initially starting with regular home visits during the day, this built up to a longer walk each day when I’m at work. Lottie loves her trips out with Lynn and various canine companions. Lynn is reliable, flexible and genuinely cares for the animals under her care.”

“We’ve also used the boarding service for the occasional overnight stay and would highly recommend! Lottie stays with Lynn’s dogs & has a thoroughly nice time. I’m sure Lynn’s dogs prefer Lottie now that she’s matured a little though!”

Debbie and Simon of Clifford wrote:  “Lynn was recommended to us as a supplier of Natural Instinct dog food; not only does she supply this excellent product, but she is very knowledgeable about it and the associated benefits of the range.  Her timely reminders for re-orders and fantastic personal delivery service are second-to-none; nothing is too much trouble. Lynn’s home-boarding facilities are superb, really home from home.  We would have no hesitation in recommending her pet care services and Tess thinks she is fantastic too!!”

GeorgieKate from Wetherby wrote:  “I moved to Wetherby in July 2013. After meeting with various local dog walkers, I decided that Lynn seemed perfect for me and my fur baby and I wasn’t wrong!”

“My woof monster  loves her to pieces, when he hears her car pulling up outside he goes to wait by the door and then licks her to death the moment she comes in. He doesn’t even look back at me when he goes out with her. If I say the words ‘auntie Lynn’ to him, it is an instant wag of the tail and excitement. As any dog person will know, it’s reassuring to know that your dog is happy when you leave them in someone else’s care.”

“Lynn is so flexible too, she has collected him from my mother’s house if I have had to go away and she has even had him board with her at her house on a few occasions, which means I can go away knowing he is safe, warm, well looked after and will get lots of cuddles and attention. Lynn provides such a reliable service, she never lets me down or cancels at the last minute and we always have a ‘doggy school holiday’ calendar at the beginning of the year. Lynn always dries off wet and muddy paws after a walk too.”

“My woof monster can be a little naughty on walks, catching and eating various forms of wildlife (much to Lynn’s horror) and she always keeps me informed about anything I need to know that my boy has done. Being with Lynn and some other woofs has also helped improve my boy’s socialisation skills with other dogs.”

“Other people have children, I have my woof and Lynn takes care of him like he were her own. I can’t recommend her highly enough (or thank her)Harry for the fantastic service and standard of care she provides. I trust her entirely.”

Jacinta and David of Wetherby wrote: “Just to say what a great place Booker Pet Care is,  Kelly our Labrador is getting on in years now but has had several “home from home” holidays with Lynn.  we both can fully recommend the care and attention given to each individual, in Kelly’s case not too strenuous walks!!”

Kerry of Collingham wrote:  “Lynn has looked after our two cats whenever we go on holiday for the last couple of years. The cats are really happy to stay in their own home and we are happy knowing that the cats and our home is in safe hands. Lynn is trustworthy and reliable and she even keeps us up to date with what the cats have been up to. We would thoroughly recommend Booker Pet Services (and have in fact recommended them to several local friends already!)”

Henry JrNicola and John of Wetherby wrote:  “Lynn visits our home daily while we are away on holiday, to care for our cats and rabbits.”Maverick, Cookie and Georgie

“She cares for them with a genuine passion and we cannot fault her professional, responsible and caring approach. If Molly, Benny, Flopsey and Blacky could speak we are certain they would join us in recommending Lynn Booker Pet Care!”

Martin and Debbie of Thorp Arch wrote: “My wife and I first met Lynn over two years ago, we needed someone to walk our little Border Terrier Pip whilst we were at work. Lynn took the time to come to our home and not just meet us but more importantly to meet up with Pip, immediately we knew we were meeting someone who not only clearly loved dogs, but also knew what made them tick, Lynn sat on the floor and started to stroke and talk to Pip, within a very short space of time Pip had a new friend.”

“Since that day Lynn has walked Pip every weekday (excluding holidays), Pip absolutely loves Lynn and gets very excited when Lynn arrives to walk her, this means a great deal to us and shows the level of trust Pip has in Lynn.”

“We have found Lynn to be honest and reliable and she always lets us know where Pip has been everyday for her walk, who she has been with (her playmates), and what she has been getting up to, we trust Lynn impeccably with our “little girl” and that gives us the important peace of mind we need knowing that Pip is looked after, and loved, when we cannot be there.”

HenrySarah and Paul from Otley wrote: “Ruby our chocolate Labrador has been looked after by Lynn when we go on holiday for the last 5 years. We think the service Lynn offers is fabulous,we know that Ruby is in very safe hands.”

“Ruby is so excited when she arrives at Lynn’s for her holidays.”

“Lynn keeps us up to date with how Ruby is by email, whilst we are away.”

“We would recommend Lynn without hesitation.”

Barry and Lesley of Kirk Deighton wrote: “Meg, our 2 +year old Cocker spaniel stays with Lynn & her family whilst we go on holiday.  Lynn’s care of Meg ( & her parents!) is exemplary. Meg adores Lynn & loves her time there.. she is always excited to visit & has a wonderful time.  Meg is cared for, loved & has loads of fun,lots of walks & becomes a member of the family.  We never worry about Meg settling or missing us but Lynn regularly emails us  updates ( & photos) of her latest antics which is brilliant ( & very funny!!!)”

“We absolutely trust Lynn… her compassion, gentleness, knowledge & experience is so valued by us & ensures Meg has has the most wonderful time”Dexter

Meg Cocker Spaniel of Kirk Deighton wrote:  “Aunty Lynn has looked after me for 2+ years. I go on holiday there & have a brilliant time.. lots of cuddles, love & loads of walks! Aunty Lynn has the best doggie toy box in the world & that’s great fun to explore! I also get to play with Henry, Maggie & Georgie… brilliant.”

“Perfect holiday for a lively doggie!”

“Love Meg”

Ursula and Peter of Wetherby wrote: “We have used Lynn many times and we always come home to two very healthy young cats. We can’t thank herMaverick enough for all the great care and attention she lavishes on them, and the notes she leaves are both informative and entertaining! We never hesitate to ask her to help us out as we know our ‘Boys’ are in safe and caring hands.”

Angela of Wetherby wrote: “I use Booker Pet Care for my dog’s daily walk & am very happy with the service provided. I have used local dog walkers previously & found that they were not reliable or left any note to say they had been.”

“I always come home to a lovely note on what Molly has been up to & who she has met on her walks. This gives me peace of mind & I am happy knowing that she is safe in Lynn’s hands.”

“I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of Pet Care.”

“Many thanks”

Sharon of Collingham wrote: “We have used Lynn many times to visit our cat Maggie whilst we’ve been away on holiday and we have been more than happy with the service she provides. Especially Maggie, who now gets to stay in the comfort of her own home when we go away, instead of going to the cattery. I also enjoy reading the diary Lynn keeps of her visits, so we know what Maggie’s been up to whilst we’ve been away.  Lynn is reliable and trustworthy and we can enjoy our holiday knowing our cat (and home) is in safe hands. We would highly recommend Lynn and her pet visiting service.”

BusterKate of Shipley – previously of Wetherby – wrote:  “I would just like to say that you have been wonderful.  You made it possible for my poor nervous Flossie to stay out of a cattery, which she hates, and gave me peace of mind when I was away. I loved the written reports, and the picking up of the post, too! Now we’ve moved away from your area, I’m not sure how we’re going to cope.  Have you got a sister in Shipley???”

In March 2015, Sally, Harrogate, wrote: “Thanks so much for looking after ‘Our Ernie’ over the weekend. Its nice to know he’s a happy bunny and gets top notch care :-)”

In August 2014, Joe, Wetherby wrote: “Lynn is extremely friendly, easy to deal with, very trustworthy and experienced. She provides a fantastic service that is excellent value for money. We’ve used her for our two cats whilst we’ve been away, and not only does she look after them really well, but provides a diary of how they’ve been each day. We’ve used other similar services in the area before, and whilst they’ve been good we’ll just be using Lynn from now on!”

HenryThe first time I asked for Testimonials from people it was in preparation for the stand we had at the Dogs Trust Open Day in 2011 as we were raising money for the Dogs’ Trust.

I then considered those Testimonials to be out of date by the Autumn of 2013, and therefore asked my customers if they wouldn’t mind putting some sentences together for me.  I was overwhelmed by what I then received!

The following testimonials were sent from my customers for publication on this website in November, December 2013 and January 2014.

Jackie, Wetherby wrote: “Harry has now been joined by Teddy and the pair of them just absolutely LOVE being part of the Booker’s family every time they stay.  They continue to be loved and cared for as they are at home and we look forward to getting emails with photos on a daily basis to keep us up date with the antics of them both.   The phrase “home from home” can sometimes be a bit of a cliche but in this case it does exactly what it says on the tin!!!”

Sarah, East Keswick wrote:  “Love to!! I feel slightly emotional writing this, but here you are. Is it enough? I could go on! xxx

We have been a customer of Lynn Booker for over 2 years and we are so pleased with the service there are hardly words to describe it! Lynn is truly wonderful with our little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and we have 50 min walks and use the home boarding service when we need it. Lynn displays a very high level of professionalism and Mischa adores her and the socialisation with other dogs. I couldn’t recommend highly enough to anyone in the Wetherby area needing a reliable, responsible and caring pet carer.”

Sarah, Otley wrote: “Over the last 2 years Lynn has looked after our beautiful 3 year old chocolate labrador – Ruby, whilst we go on holiday. We absolutely love Lynn and the wonderful service she gives. Ruby is welcomed into their home, made to feel safe and secure and she is so well looked after. Lynn has so much knowledge and understanding about dogs and their needs. While we are away Lynn sends us regular updates on what Ruby is doing.

We are so glad we found Lynn and would definitely recommend her.”

Jacinta, Wetherby wrote: “I can fully recommend Booker Pet Care, Kelly has had several good holidays staying with Maggie and Henry. It really isCookie home from home including having the run of just about everywhere in the house! and Kelly says the walks are good too!!”

Louise, Wetherby wrote: “We are very pleased to have found someone to care and look after our dog in a home environment and would not hesitate to recommend you having used your home boarding service several times now.”

“Coco loves to come and visit and play with Mags and Henry, so much so that he often diverts himself down your path and to your front door if ever we are passing on a walk ….so that tells us all we need to know!”

“Thank you.”

Ruth, Boston Spa wrote“Lynn looked after our guinea pig Crackers for two weeks during the summer holidays.  Unfortunately, just before we were due to go on holiday our guinea pig became poorly.  After a visit to the vets he was given various medication which required daily administration.  Lynn looked after Crackers whilst we were away ensuring that we were kept well informed of his progress.  She visited daily feeding and giving medicine to him and some much needed attention.  Each day Lynn carefully wrote a log of what she had done and how she had found our pet on each visit – whether he was happy, and what he had eaten.  Lynn is a very caring person and we fully trusted her with our pet knowing he would be in good hands during our absence.   In the light of his illness, she was also happy to telephone and let us know how he was and inform us of a visit to the vet.  During the course of her visits she also ensured his cage was cleaned and fresh vegetables were bought when supplies ran out.  We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lynn for small pet care, she exudes a kind and caring personality.”

“Sadly Crackers died but we now have a new guinea pig called Fred and we will be using Lynn in the future.”

Henry St BernardClaire, Thorp Arch wrote: “Before we got our puppy Henry, I’d done a lot of research on the internet for dog walkers. I came across Lynn at ‘Booker Pet Care’ and the website immediately drew me in. This was someone who was passionate about what she did and who more importantly talked about her own dogs with much love and warmth.  I began exchanging a few e-mails with Lynn, talking about how excited we were going to look at our new addition to the family. Equally she was just as excited and I knew that I had found our dog walker.”

“Henry and Lynn became firm friends in December 2012 and when I returned to work after the Christmas break I knew he was in good hands. Lynn will leave notes in the kitchen for me to tell me who Henry has walked with and what they got up to.  Lynn is trustworthy and honest, she arrives when she says she will and will always make sure Henry is left clean and dry with fresh water and toys to play with.”

“Henry went to stay with Lynn and her family in the summer. Putting Henry into kennels was not an option for us. I wanted him to be with people he knew and trusted and who would look after him like one of their own. We dropped him off and he excitedly bounced into the kitchen to play with Henry and Maggie (Lynn’s dogs). We picked him up a few days later and he clearly thought that staying with the Bookers was much more fun as he didn’t want to leave!”

MaverickSharon, from Collingham wrote“We have used Lynn twice now to visit our cat Maggie whilst we’ve been away on holiday and we have been more than happy with the service she provides. Especially Maggie, who now gets to stay in the comfort of her own home when we go away, instead of going to the cattery. I also enjoy reading the diary Lynn keeps of her visits, so we know what Maggie’s been up to whilst we’ve been away.  Lynn is reliable and trustworthy and we can enjoy our holiday knowing our cat (and home) is in safe hands. We would highly recommend Lynn and her pet visiting service.”

Joanne, Boston Spa wrote: “Lynn is warm, friendly, trustworthy, reliable and flexible.  The first time I met Lynn I knew I’d found a gem, she adores my cat and really “gets” how important my cat is to me and how much I dislike leaving her.  I would have no hesitation in recommending her, she clearly loves animals and takes her role seriously – what more could I ask for?”

Emma, Wetherby wrote: “We’re very happy to recommend Lynn.  Our cats Rupert and Maggie are extremely well cared for by her whenever we’re away.  Lynn treats them like her own cats and clearly takes great pride in her work.”

Shelley, Wakefield wrote: “When we brought Poppy, our bouncing twelve week old Pomeranian pup, into our lives, twelve weeks before a two week trip to India, we knew we could rely on Lynn to look after her, and give her all the love and attention that a growing pup needs. While we were away we got regular email updates on Poppy’s progress, and even the odd photo. Being a young dog, with a lot to learn, I really believe the spending time with Lynn’s own very patient, friendly and tolerant dogs, Maggie, and Henry, taught Poppy a lot about socialising with other dogs. She had a fabulous time with Lynn and the family, a real home from home holiday for her.”

Vicki, Wetherby wrote: “Lynn has looked after my five chickens several times while I have been away. Each time they have been excellently caredJarvis for, with very detailed notes taken twice a day of how they have all behaved. Lynn (and her husband!) have been a pleasure to get to know and I can rest easy when I’m away knowing that the chickens are being very well looked after.”

Nick, Harrogate wrote: “We have never left Max with anyone with the exception of my wife’s parents so we were concerned how he would be, as he can be a bit sensitive and has a few quirks! We shouldn’t have worried as Lynn, Jezz, Maggie and Henry took great care of him. They invited us to visit their home with Max and we met them all. Maggie and Henry were great with Max and Lynn got to know him and asked us all about his likes etc. We went away from the visit happy with our decision to leave Max at their house.”

“After our holiday we picked up a very happy Max and we are looking forward to our next holiday knowing Max will be having a great time too!”

Cathrine, Bramham wrote: “We have entrusted Lynn to  walk our two dogs Evie and Flynn for over two years now and have found her to be very professional, enthusiastic, extremely reliable and punctual.”

“Lynn has made a genuine effort to listen and understand our needs especially in respect of Flynn, who is a working golden retriever, whom she has been walking since he was puppy.  It’s clear she really cares for our dogs and understands their  personalities; equally there’s no question that they both enjoy their walks with her.  The daily diary Lynn offers her customers is a useful and often entertaining way of finding out how  our dogs have been as well as any anything else Lynn thinks we ought to be aware of.  I have no hesitation in recommending Lynn’s services to any dog owner.”

Sheila, Boston Spa wrote: “Lynn is the most caring and devoted dog walker anyone could wish for. When my old dog was taken ill and died quiteMaverick and Cookie suddenly, Lynn was there with kind words and a shoulder to cry on. When I suddenly adopted not one but two rescue dogs Lynn was there to share the joy and laughter. She has taken the time to build a brilliant relationship with my dogs, not just walking them, but treating with the same care and attention she gives Maggie and Henry. Always ready to chat and discuss any concerns from feeding to behaviour, I can’t imagine a safer pair of hands to entrust my precious dogs to.”

Rachel, Tockwith wrote: “Ever since I entrusted my beloved hound Alfie, to Lynn it has been a real weight off my mind, as I no longer worry about him whilst I’m at work.”

“I trust her implicitly and have no qualms whatsoever about her having a key to my house or the responsibility of walking my Labrador. Her enthusiasm and love of canines is infectious, she clearly loves her work whatever the weather! Lynn has also been brilliant at being flexible to respond to the demands of my work, sometimes I have asked her to change or do extra walks at short notice, whenever she can she will try to meet your needs.”

“I have found the service Lynn offers to be incredible value as not only does she walk Alfie for the designated time, she also provides a full report of their time together. Lynn is a really caring person, when I was recently injured as a result of a road traffic collision she asked if she could genuinely help in any way. Finally Lynn is really knowledgeable about the dogs in her care, when she took Alfie on as a new customer she made a point of arranging a suitable controlled introduction with his other walking buddies. I now have concerns my dog has a better social life than I do!! I have no hesitation at all in recommending Lynn and the services she provides.”

Lisa, Bardsey wrote: “I called Lynn at short notice before the Easter Holidays when we were due to go away for a week and our usual pet care had fallen through. We have 3 cats. Not only was Lynn extremely accommodating but she made a home visit the next day to meet our cats and tell us in person about her services. She produced a folder with all her credentials and certificates clearly set out which was very professional and reassuring. She was extremely understanding and attentive to each cat’s needs and asked us all about their personalities too. She also very kindly watered our vegetables! During our holiday, she emailed with a very thorough update which I thought demonstrated very good customer care. When we returned, she followed up with a phone call and made sure everything was to our satisfaction. I really couldn’t recommend Lynn enough! She was very reliable and I felt that we could trust Lynn with our cats and home and would not hesitate to use her services again.”

GeorgieKathy, Wetherby wrote: “Buster has been looked after, and walked, by Lynn on various occasions.

I can recommend her services whole-heartedly. Buster has stayed in Lynn’s home for a few nights on three occasions and Lynn has visited Buster at home to check on him and taken him for walks when I have been out for the day. She provides an excellent service.

Jacinta originally wrote: “We first heard about ‘Booker Pet Care’ last October from the internet. We were actually living in spain at the time but were returning to the UK in the November and of course our well travelled Labrador, Kelly was returning with us.

As our return was only a few weeks before Christmas, some relatives living near London had asked us for Christmas which meant of course that Kelly had to be found some Christmas Holiday accommodation.

So onto the internet and we found ‘Booker Pet Care’ after several emails back and forth about Kelly. Lynn is very keen that prospective clients shouldHarry inspect eth accommodation first. This of course was not possible for us so we booked Kelly in and said we would ‘inspect’ on our return.

The accommodation provided for all on four legs is excellent and Kelly has already been back for a few days and aslso an odd day her and there and is booked in again for more ‘holidays’. The coffee for the humans is OK too!

The only thing that is missing according to Kelly is lack of sun beds and sun terrace with sun!

We have no hesitation in recommending ‘Booker Pet Care’ to anyone with dogs that only do ‘home from home’.”

Jackie originally wrote: “Well – what can we say??? Harry is nearly 11 months and has just spent a week with The Booker’s and right from the startMaggie and Henry I knew he would be made welcome and make himself at home – he certainly did!!

He was able to go round first of all to meet them all and loved every minute of it! Harry was loved and treated as one of the family and it was great to receive daily updates from Lynn with the photos – my girls LOVED just seeing what he’d been up to during the day!

I spend a lot of time away during the summer with my girls so it was important for us to find somewhere where he would be home from home and this is just perfect! Once you’ve looked at how your dog will be cared for whilst you’re away – you’ll never want to use another Kennel again!!!!”

Sarah, Otley wrote: “We just wanted to say what a wonderful job Lynn does. We left our Chocolate Labrador, Ruby with Lynn when we went on holoiday. When we discovered Lynn and her website, we knew she would be perfect.

Lynn made us feel secure that Ruby would be part of their family and very well looked after.

Ruby had a great time!

We are using Lynn and her wonderful service in the summer again. We would recommend her without reservation.”