Pet Birds

Pet Birds

This is a description of basic care of caged birds in a typical household.  This does not relate to an outside aviary.

Bird cages should be cleaned each day, taking care to observe signs that the bird is healthy – such as if the usual amount of food has been eaten, if the droppings look normal, if there’s any sign of vomit, whether all toys are in good repair and whether the cage and perches etc are as they should be.

The cage liner should be replaced each day and where newspaper is being used, black and white print should be used only as coloured print may be damaging to the bird’s health.

All bowls, bottles etc should also be cleaned with hot soapy water, ensuring they are fully rinsed of any cleaning agent and completely dry before refilling with food and water.  (Seed which is dampened may quickly go mouldy, thereby becoming a health hazard to the bird).

Water bottles should be cleaned using a bottle brush and care should be taken to ensure the ball is clean and works to provide water.

The area around the cage should also be cleaned and swept or vacuumed.

A more comprehensive clean should be carried out regularly – how regularly depends upon the size of bird, cage etc – which includes washing the actual cage (obviously removing the bird first to a safe environment), perches, bird bath etc.

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