Cold Water & Tropical Fish

Cold Water & Tropical Fish

This is a description of the basic care of cold water & tropical fish in a typical household.  This does not relate to marine fish. 

The size of the aquarium for the fish depends on the size and number of fish.  It is recommended that aquariums containing small fish have no more than one inch of fish for each gallon of water in the tank.  Larger fish produce larger waste and therefore require a larger aquarium.

One of the most common mistakes made by fish-owners is overfeeding.  Fish should be fed only the amount they will eat in a five minute period.  Excess food will simply pollute the water.

In order to remove waste from the water, periodic water changes are required.  It is recommended that approximately ¼ of the water is removed and replaced every 1-2 weeks.  Before fresh water is added, the water should be tested for chlorine or chloramine which should be treated.

The temperature of the water should be between 72-82 °F therefore the temperature should be checked regularly with the heater being adjusted as required.

There should be no ammonia or nitrite detected.  pH is the level of acidity and reducing pH levels could be a sign of overfeeding.  There are measuring kits available for ammonia, pH and nitrite.  If levels are rising, a water change would be required.


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