Basic Pet Care

So you’re thinking of getting a pet?

Before committing to giving a pet a home, thereby agreeing to care and provide for that animal, it is important that you consider the implications fully, and determine exactly what that involves thus gaining a full understanding of the care needed and the associated commmitment on your part.

Some people consider that the smaller the animal, the less responsibility involved and that elements of the care regime for a smaller animal can be ignored occasionally.

I heard recently someone say about a Russian Terrier ‘They’re so placid and lovely and they don’t need walking every day – they don’t mind’.  All dogs need exercise! The amount of exercise required should be considered before a dog is offered a home.  The amount of exercise required is a basic requirement which, for the well-being of the dog should be adhered to.

Other animals require basic care – and exercise, and may require other things, such as, how often should you clean out a Rabbit’s cage?  How often does a fish tank need cleaning?  What kind of food does a Bearded Dragon need in order for it to survive?

Please refer to the different sections relating to your pet.

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