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Everyday Pet Care: How to Look After Your Lovely Pet

Everyday Pet Care: How to Look After Your Lovely Pet

Are you getting a new pet? What Basic Pet Care Will You Need?

Basic pet care is just that – it is the minimum you need to provide for your new friend.  Before committing to giving a pet a home, it is important that you fully research all the basic pet care that is involved.  The Cat, Dog, Budgie or Rabbit needs looking after properly to ensure it has a happy life in your family. 


Some questions you might have:https://bookerpetcare.co.uk/basic-pet-care/

  • Can I afford to buy one?
  • Where will it sleep?
  • What will it eat?
  • Does it need a special bed or cage
  • Do I need to buy a collar and lead?
  • Is insurance required?
  • Does it need more exercise than I can give it?
  • What will happen to it if I’m ill or go on holiday or out for the day?
  • Do I know how to look after it?
  • Will I need help?
  • Where is the nearest Vets to where I live?
  • How much is the insurance?
  • What vaccinations are needed?
  • Does it need to be microchipped?

Size Doesn’t Matter

Sadly smaller animals are often considered to need less consideration and care than larger animals.  Also, that somehow, some elements of their care regime can be ignored occasionally.  For example, Rabbits are considered to be the most neglected animals in the country.  And I’m sure that could be said for Guinea Pigs as well.

Sometimes, pets are forgotten about – particularly the smaller animals.  Families get busy and suddenly the Bearded Dragon everybody wanted and loved, is forgotten about and isn’t fed.  Or there’s a new baby in the family so now the dog is in the way and no-one has time to walk him.

Booker Pet Care, Bearded Dragon Called Bud

Questions, Questions!

I heard recently someone say about a Russian Terrier ‘They’re so placid and lovely and they don’t need walking every day – they don’t mind’.  All dogs need exercise! The amount of exercise required should be considered before a dog is offered a home.  The amount of exercise required is a basic requirement which, for the well-being of the dog should prioritised.

Who to Ask?

Other animals require basic care – and exercise, and may have other needs that have to be thought about.  Such as, how often should you clean out a Rabbit’s cage?  How often does a fish tank need cleaning?  What kind of food does a Bearded Dragon need in order for it to survive? Talk to the pet shop, talk to the vet, ask questions of people you know who have the pet you are considering.

Is a Pet For Me?

Once you’ve considered everything that the individual pet needs, you may realise getting a pet would be a  mistake.  You may not have the time or the financial resources to fully provide for them.  That would be a responsible decision.  This animal is a little life for which you will be wholly responsible.  Pet ownership is a very serious undertaking.  If you fully consider all that is needed, and decide the pet is for you, then that is a decision that has been taken responsibly.  You will then be in the best place to enjoy years of love and enjoyment for both you and the pet.  A bad decision could lead to heartache for both you and the little life.  Please think carefully.

Booker Pet Care, Englebert the HamsterSo, what’s involved?  Please have a look at the different sections relating to your pet: Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Cold Water Fish and Tropical Fish, Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice and Rats, Pet Birds, https://bookerpetcare.co.uk/basic-pet-care/reptiles-and-amphibians/Reptiles and Amphibians

For further help and advice, please refer to the RSPCA


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