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Booker Pet Care is committed to providing individual, flexible, reliable and professional care to you and your pets through our Dog Walking, ‘Home from Home’ Pet Boarding, Pet Home Visits and ‘Bark and Ride’ Pet Cab.

Booker Pet Care, Wetherby, Home from Home Dog Boarding, Pet Boarding, Pet and Cat Visiting, 'Bark and Ride' Pet TaxiMy name is Lynn and I live near Church Fenton with my husband Jezz, our Yellow Labrador Henry, our Jack Russell, Georgie and our two Labrador Pups: Maverick and Cookie. Sadly we lost our Chocolate Girl in March 2017 – something I’m not sure we’ll ever get over completely! 

Our children have all grown up and have their own homes now, so we have plenty of space to accommodate animals!!  We have a wonderful detached house, with over 4 acres of land and gardens – totally secure for tearaway doggies!

I have worked in business and education for almost 25 years, achieving an Honours Degree in Business and Management and a Masters qualification: MSc in Leadership and Management with a Merit.  In 2010, I decided it was time to get off that particular work horse to spend time with my wonderful dogs, and pursue my real passion of animal care, behaviour and nutrition – ultimately anything related to animals!!

Maggie, our naughtiest Labrador – of the Chocolate pedigree variety, was eleven years old when we lost her.  We’d had her since she was a puppy.  In her little life, she had endured endless health problems, being diagnosed with arthritis at the tender age of 12 months, numerous allergies at 18 months, and then an underactive thyroid at three years.  At New Year last year she was diagnosed with Degenerative Myolopathy which resulted in her losing the ability to walk on her back legs. Her front shoulders were crippled with arthritis so she didn’t have the strength to compensate for her rear weakness.

Our care for all our dogs continues to fuel my continued investigations into health and nutrition, the history of commercial dog food etc, with wonderful and dedicated support from the team at Wharfedale Veterinary Centre in Wetherby – real miracle-workers and subsequently with Bishopton Veterinary Services in Ripon. We’ve also enjoyed support from Katie at York Canine Hydro where Maggie enjoyed fortnightly swimming sessions! Everyone’s been absolutely fabulous helping us with Maggie who we will all miss dearly!.

Henry, our 17 year old Yellow Labrador was a rescue dog who was reportedly surplus to requirements when his family had a baby.  He came from NorthWest Labrador Rescue and we got him when he was almost three years old.  He’s just wonderful!  He always tried to maintain his position as top dog, but ‘Mischievous Maggie’ who always liked to tease him a little was really in charge until she became ill!!  Henry came to us frightened of water and towels – but with support and lots and lots of love (the easy stuff!), became better and happier!! On a weekend away recently up to Northumberland, he was swimming in a reservoir and jogging around the country paths! Fabulous!  He still enjoys playing and he loves his daily walks – though he sets the pace – I think at almost 18 we can give him that!

2015-08-02 09.59.01Georgie is our wonderful little Jack Russell. She was born in May 2015 and came to us in September 2015.  She’s a little monkey and we’re pretty sure she considers herself to be a Labrador!  We’ve been very careful to socialise her and she likes to meet all he different dogs who come and go for dog walks or boarding.  She tends to be a faster runner than most dogs who come to stay so she likes to race round the garden and run under everyone’s legs!  She does spend a lot of time sleeping though and she particularly loves to snuggle up with Henry!  She became Mum to our two Pups when they arrived with us in May 2017.  Georgie took over the supervision and play!  Amazing!

Maverick and Cookie came to us at 12 weeks in May 2017.  Their Mum was a Red Labrador, smaller and gorgeous, and their Dad was a Field Trials Champion.  Cookie definitely takes after her Mum, and Maverick is really developing the look of his Dad – a very handsome boy indeed!  Their training is work in progress – but they’re wonderful and they absolutely love welcoming new doggy friends to the house and on walks.  It’s all good fun!  Everything’s a game! 

2015-10-10 15.56.16I read a lot about animal behaviour – the history of the domestic dog and their roots within the Wolf species, and the ‘Politics of the Pack’ are concepts which never fail to tantalise and fascinate me!  I’ve completed a Certificate in Animal Behaviour with the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training.  My tutor was Colin Tennant, the renowned writer on dog and pet behaviour and Britain’s expert in dog behaviour and obedience training.  He was very impressed with my work and has even published some of it on his website.

Prior to the dog behaviour Certificate, I completed an accredited Pet First Aid course with ‘The Curiosity Shop’.  As well as being great fun, I learned a lot and found the information to be very useful as well as very interesting, particularly the section on household poisons, and I’ve been able to pass information on as appropriate to my customers.

I have completed the NarpsUK Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business Training Course.  NarpsUK is an association related to dog walking and pet care and this course was written especially for the Association by animal experts from across the country.  I went on to complete the Dog Behaviour Diploma with the British College of Canine Studies’ which was very interesting and far more detailed than previous courses.  On completion of that, I transferred onto the Practitioner Diploma which has qualified me as a Canine Behaviourist – an area of animal care which I’m particularly interested in.

I went on to complete two further courses: Holistic Health for Dogs Certificate, and Canine Health and Nutrition Diploma.  I’m very pleased to say I passed each with Distinction passes, so onto the next one!  I just want to know everything – and I know enough to know there’s so much more that I don’t know!

I’m a qualified Canine Behaviourist, Police checked, fully insured, Pet First Aid qualified, and offer Harrogate Borough Council approved and licensed Home Boarding accommodation – if you choose Booker Pet Care, we won’t let you down!!

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